How to built logic on Programming

If you are a new developer you think about how to built logic in Programming and some of you have to face the problem of not getting logic on a problem. You might be getting frustrated when you see that you don’t get logic in programming. You see your friends are good at using their brains in programming and solving the problem very quickly. It also happens that when someone else is explaining the same problem and its solution, you understand everything but when you try to solve the question on your own you get stuck there.

Logic is the key if you want to become a good developer. But do not worry; here are some of the ideas that hopefully will help you to improve your programming logic.

Solve New Problems Every Day:

As a developer, you need to face a challenge every day. So when you are practicing do not solve the same kind of problem repeatedly. This will not help you. Always try to solve newer problems, face new challenges. If you do this, this will prepare your brain to face the new challenges and reduce the response time.

Divide Problems in Smaller Chunks:

Always try to solve the problem by dividing the problem into smaller parts. And always focus on the specific parts first.

Try to learn from other’s People’s Code:

There are various mediums such as: Github, Stackoverflow etc from where you can check other peoples code and learn a lot from it. You can also see how they built logic in the problems.


Try to make small projects. Working on some real-life projects gives you more exposure and experience to become better at programming.


At last practice. More you practice more you will become expert in it.

On : 21 November, 2020