Best About Electrics Vehicles In Nepal

By Sarika

26 April 2022 13:43 PM | UPDATED 2 years ago

26 April 2022 13:43 PM

Electric means the things which are powered or charged with the help of electricity. Whereas Electrics vehicles mean the vehicles like cars, Bus, Truck, Zeep, Bike and many more which are powered by electricity and run with the help of electric support or charge. It does not need gas, petrol, or diesel to run the electric vehicles. These vehicles are environmentally friendly. 

People usually used electrical machines to make houses, official work easier and fast. But the world has been changed by new technology. They have innovated electric vehicles to reduce environmental pollution as well as to increase the utility of electricity. 

They are powered by strength saved in a battery, Plug-in hybrids integrate a fuel or diesel engine with an electric powered motor and massive rechargeable battery, gasoline cell motors split electrons from hydrogen molecules to supply power to run the motor, computerized equipment, drive strength steerage, cruise protection also includes, and plenty of more.

Electric Vehicles

Table of Content

  1. About Electrics Vehicles
  2. The present condition of electric vehicles in Nepal
  3. Advantages of electric vehicles
  4. Future of electric vehicles
  5. Conclusion

1. The present condition of Electric Vehicles in Nepal

In developing countries like Nepal, the craze for electric vehicles is increasing day by day. People are becoming interested in electric vehicles. And the demand is increasing highly in the Nepalese market. There are so many merits to using electric vehicles; they are powered by electricity, no need for fuels, gas, petrol, less costly, less tax, reduce environmental pollution, and many more. 

With the latest tax discount policy on electronic vehicles by the Nepalese government with the aim of motivating people towards electric vehicles. The Nepalese government has also provided different policies for electric vehicles. Due to less tax policy, the price of electric vehicles is less costly in comparison to other vehicles which are ruined by gas, diesel, and petrol.

Nowadays electric vehicles are used by high-profile people in Nepal. Former King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah, Precedent Bidhya Devi Bhandari, Energy Minster Pampha Bhusal, and former energy minister Barshaman Pun. Due to this also the trust of Nepalese toward electric Vehicles is increasing day by day. In a recent program, Energy Minister Pampha Bhusal said that she will give more priority to electric vehicles by decreasing the tax.  

Electric Vehicle

2. Advantages of Electric Vehicles

There are so many advantages of electric vehicles which are followed below:

I. Environmentally Friendly

ii. Less Tax

iii. Less Costly

iv. Well Facilitated

v. Save the cost of Fuel, Gases

I. Environmentally Friendly

Electric vehicles reduce environmental pollution like air pollution, noise pollution, and others. These vehicles are environmentally friendly, they do not harm the surroundings. 

ii. Less Tax

The government has made less tax policy on electric vehicles. The main reason for less tax is to increase the proper utilization of electricity. And to decrease the use of petroleum products.

iii. Less Costly

The cost of electric vehicles is less than other vehicles which run on fuels. The same model with the same facilities electrics vehicles is less costly than others. It is costless for maintenance as well.

iv. Well Facilitated 

Due to the higher demand of the public, the electric vehicles companies have made them well facilitated. They have designed them to the needs and demands of the public. 

iv. Save the cost of Fuel, Gases

People can save the cost of Fuel, Gas by using Electric Vehicles. Because electric vehicles are charged and powered by electricity. And many electric vehicles company like BYD and Kona have provided free charging facilities to their customers which saves the cost on users. 

3. Future of Electric Vehicles

Electric-powered vehicles are creating an extraordinary market in the world. They are not used by the non-public.  Electric Vehicles are used as School buses, Passenger Buses, and Trucks. Besides these especially electric cars have takeover the market. People are making electric cars as there day to day lifestyle partners. 

“What you are doing today takes where you want to be tomorrow”. Like this quote, the present market condition of electric vehicles is at the top. It means the future of electric vehicles reach far more than today. Because of the new technology and design, electric vehicles are eco-friendly. It is the best option to save and preserve the environment from pollution. It is less costly to use regularly. Electric Vehicles have beautiful traits like they are powered by electricity, use computerized equipment, safety materials, unique design, no noise, no air pollution and it is eco-pleasant. 


4. Conclusion 

At last, we can conclude that electric vehicles are the best option to save the world from pollution. Electricity will be utilized properly. And the use of fuels, gasses vehicles will be decreased.

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