Top 20 Places to visit inside Pokhara

By Sarika

25 April 2022 13:58 PM | UPDATED 2 years ago

25 April 2022 13:58 PM

Pokhara is a city that lies in the Kanski district of Gandaki province.  And the third largest town of NEPAL. It is also called the traveler capital and city of Lake. There are beautiful lakes like Fewa Lake, Begnas Lake, and Rupa Lake. Also, Pokhara is a famous city for vacationers. Where they can spend their leisure time with friends or with family.  Pokhara has developed into a journey tourism vacation spot for many years. Every day thousands of international as well as domestic tourists visit Pokhara. From there we can see many Himalayan trails. So Pokhara is the starting point to reaching Annapurna Circuit

Here I have shared the top twenty places you must visit if you are in Pokhara. 

Table of Content

  1. About Pokhara
  2. Fewa Lake
  3. Begnas Lake
  4. Rupa Lake
  5. Mahindra Cave
  6. Chamero Cave
  7. Bindabasini Temple
  8. Talbaharai Temple
  9. Sarangkot
  10. Pokhara Shanti Stupa
  11. Annapurna Butterfly Museum
  12. Gorkha Memorial Museum
  13. Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave
  14. Devis Fall
  15. Jangchub Choeling Monastery
  16. Seti River(Seti Gandaki)
  17. Matepani Gumba
  18. Landruk
  19. International Mountain Museum
  20. Basundhara Park
  21. Old Bazaar

Top Twenty Places to visit inside Pokhara

1. Fewa Lake

According to the locals, Fewa lake is an artificial lake that was formed after the making of the dam in the time of Ranas. It is located at an altitude of 742m. And covers an area of 4.43km. The average depth of this lake is about 8.6m. Nowadays this lake become a beautiful place to visit for tourists. Especially tourists enjoy their time by sitting in the hotel, restaurants on the lakeside. 

Fewa Lake

2. Begnas Lake

Begnas lake is the third largest lake in Nepal. It is located in the southeast of Pokhara. People enjoy their time in the resort, hotel, and restaurant near Begnas Lake. 

Begnas Lake

3. Rupa Lake

This beautiful lake is located on the border of Pokhara Valley. It is the Third largest lake inside the Pokhara. Tourists visit this place for boating and to feel nature. The altitude of Rupa lake is 600m. And the area covered by this lake is about 1.35km. This place is also famous in the Pokhara Valley.

Rupa lake

4. Mahendra Cave

Mahindra Cave is located inside the Pokhara Valley. The unique structure of this cave has attracted thousands of tourists. It is also called Mahendra Gupha. Inside the cave, you can see the statue of the Hindu god Shiva. And it is near from Seti River. 

Mahendra Cave

5. Bat Cave(Chamero Gupha)

This Cave is the habitat of the bats. Bat cave is one of the famous tourist destinations in the Pokhara Valley. You can see many bats inside this cave. 

Bat Cave

6. Bindabasini Temple

Bindabasini temple is the temple of Devi(Goddess) who is the incarnation of Kali. This temple is the oldest in Pokhara City. Especially Hindus visit this place most to offer the goddess. It was built by the Kaskeli King Siddhi Narayan Shah in 1842 B.S. 

Bindabasini Temple

7. Talbaharai Temple

Talbharai Temple is a temple situated in the middle of Fewa Lake. You have to visit this place by boating. Due to this also the name of this temple became Talbharai. This is also the temple of Devi(Goddess Durga). According to the locals, this temple is made during the period of the first king Kulmandhan Shah of the Kaski District. 

Taal Baharai

8. Sarangkot

  Sarangot is also a famous place in Pokhara Valley. This vicinity is also a             famous place for vacationers. Especially people used to go to Sarangot not only for Paragliding. But also used to head there to see the sunrise from the top of Sarangkot in the morning time. We can see the lovely view of the Mountains from there. 


9. Pokhara Shanti Stupa

Pokhara Shanti Stupa is located east of Pokhara Valley. This stupa is the world’s first peace pagoda. It was built by Japanese Buddhist Bhikshu NipponZan-Myohoji in 1991. It is also part of Peace Pagoda’s mission. So this is also a famous place to visit in Pokhara Valley.

Pokhara Shanti Stupa

10. Annapurna Butterfly Museum

This museum is the house of butterflies. It is located on the ground of the Prithivi Campus in Pokhara. Where you Can spend your day seeing different kinds of Butterflies, insects, and other arthropods which are found in Nepal. These are collected and placed in display drawers where visitors can easily explore. The idea is to collect and preserve collected  Butterflies, insects, and other arthropods by Mr. Collin Smith(aka Mr. Butterfly and Butterfly Baje in Nepal). 

Annapurna Butterfly Museum

11. Gorkha Memorial Museum

Gorkha Memorial Museum is located in the north of Mahendra Pull. It is opened to show the history of Nepal’s Gorkha Soldiers. This museum was opened in 2005 in Pokhara. This place is one of the famous places in Pokhara Valley where you can see the history of Gorkhalis. 

Gorkha Memorial Museum

12. Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave

This temple is situated in the Chorepatan of Pokhara Valley.  It is opposite to the Devis Fall. Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave is the most attractive and famous place for tourists in Pokhara. The water from Devis falls is pass through this cave. 

Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave

13. Devis Fall

Devi’s fall is the most famous waterfall in Pokhara Valley. You can see the tunnel after the water reaches the bottom. The feet of this tunnel are 500ft long. And run 100 feet ground level toward Gupteshwor Cave. It is also called Patale Chango in Nepali. So don’t miss visiting this place if you are in Pokhara. 

Devis Fall

14. Jangchub Choeling Monastery

This temple is full of peace where monks welcome us to visit. This is also the famous place in Pokhara where you can feel peace in your mind as well as in your body. You can see the Tibetan shop there. Jangchub Choeling Monastery temple should be listed on the visiting list. 

Jangchub Choeling Monastery

15. Seti River(Seti Gandaki)

Seti River is the source of Annapurna which lies in the western part of Pokhara Valley. You can visit seti river after the Gurkha Army Memorial Hall. This river attracts tourists from worldwide. So I suggest you to visit this area if you are planning to visit Pokhara Valley.

Seti River(Seti Gandaki)

16. Matepani Gumba

Matepani Gumba is located in the Kundhara area of Pokhara Valley. It was established in 1960 A.D. And built by Nyeshang people who are originally from Manang but live in Pokhara. This Gumba is just near from Mahendra pull of Pokhara. 

Matepani Gumba

17. Landruk

Landruk is especially famous for hiking. This is a short trip for nature lovers. This place offers you the best view of Annapurna Mountain and its beautiful nature. Also, you can see sunset and sunrise from the Landruk. So don’t miss this beautiful place while visiting Pokhara Valley.


18. International Mountain Museum

International Mountain Museum is located in the Pokhara Valley of the Kaski district. It was established on the 5 February 2004. This museum is established with the aim to made record the past and present development of mountaineering activities in the world. Here you can see three main exhibition halls i.e. Hall of Great Himilayan, Hall of Fame, and Hall of world mountains. 

International Mountain Museum

19. Basundhara Park

Basundhara Park is a peaceful place in Pokhara Valley. Especially activities like boating, and fishing are famous in this park. This park is fully covered by a lake and greenery. So I suggest you visit this beautiful place in Pokhara City. You have to pay for a ticket to enter this park.

Basundhara Park


20. Old Bazaar

Old Bazaar is located north of the lakeside of Pokhara Valley. Here you can see the old houses which are looks 400 years older. If you like to visit by walking then this place is best for you. 

Old Bazaar

21. Conclusion 

The above-mentioned names are the top twenty places in Pokhara Valley. So I suggest you visit these places if you are planning to visit Pokhara. Thank You for reading this blog. Hope you guys like it.


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