how efficient is online schooling?

28 June 2021 13:14 PM | UPDATED 3 years ago

28 June 2021 13:14 PM

The pandemic caused everything to change. With things not going back to normal we all were forced to adapt to the change. The one change we adopted was online schooling. Here, we learn through an online medium with the help of the internet and data using our cell phones, laptops, etc. Before the pandemic, we couldn’t care less about such schooling methods but things change and we learn to cope with such changes. But our concern lies in another matter, how efficient is online schooling?

online class

It is very challenging to operate online sessions especially for children studying at lower levels than children studying in higher levels. To learn basic like alphabets and number parents could assist us but when the course starts to accelerate, some parents can not keep up because they aren’t much literate themselves. Children studying under secondary and middle school level face the most difficult as they do not know much about how online schooling works. Adults do not have to face many difficulties as they can easily cope with the change in the schooling system given that they are educated and aware.

Online school merits as it saves them much time we spend on getting ready and walking for school. With school being operated online, we can just sit at home, open laptops, and just join the class as simple as that. We do not have to worry about how we look or what are we wearing and if we look it into it, it saves our money too. The money we spend on transport could be spent on other things. And even if we are injured or hurt we do not have to miss our class as we can take a rest and attend the class at the same time too.

child studying on online class

Talking about its cons, Online class provides an open platform for cheating and plagiarism. As it operates virtually we cannot have access to physical contact and it won’t be efficient. A lot of time is wasted on joining the class, having proper internet access. In some cases, we may not have a proper internet connection due to which our class may be missed. Exams and tests won’t be able to know our accurate understanding as we can cheat easily. we have also seen cases where students turn off their video and indulge themselves in their own work.

Every coin has two sides. It goes hand on hand. If we enjoy the pros we have to accept the cons also. 

Though online medium has made us continue with our academics, many students have found it rather bothersome and difficult. But humans are made to adapt to the change, so slowly but steadily we are adopting online schooling too. Heath is our greatest wealth and through it, we do not have to compromise with our health.