Most Popular Youtube Channel Of Nepal

By Gopal

26 September 2021 17:17 PM | UPDATED 3 years ago

26 September 2021 17:17 PM

Here we have shared some top listed five entertaining PopularYouTubers of Nepal for you :

Nowadays people are gaining a lot of names, fame, and money from their channels by posting their videos. Here we have shared the name of YouTubers of Nepal. They are:

The cartoon Crew :

Cartoon Crew is a youtube channel that was established by a dance group of five-six dancers. And whose name became viral after the cover dance “Pani Paryo” was released. The Cartoon Crew is a youtube channel that is based on dance and music. This crew leader was Sabin Karki in the past but now the channel is owned by Ashma and Saroj Adhikari. After Sabin Karki left the channel due to controversy and personal reasons. Nowadays Saroj and Aasma have become more viral and the subscriber of their channel has also increased and it’s more than 2 million.You can enjoy your time with beautiful dancing videos.

Sabin Karki-Beest :

Sabin Karki is a very talented person who was the leader of  Cartoon Crew in the past time. After leaving Cartoon Crew he make his own youtube channel with his own brother and got viral with his comedy videos and cover dance. He is also the popular and unique choreographer of the Nepali music industry. He used to make his videos for his youtube channel with the help of his brother. He also becomes a Popular YouTuber of   Nepal.  He has 644k subscribers on his youtube channel. He used to entertain us with his Comedy videos, Cover dance, and music videos.

3. Sisan Baniya :

Nowadays the name Sisan Baniya has become more common, popular, and known by everyone. He is the number one Vlogger of our Country Nepal. And also an excellent photographer and videographer of Nepal. He became popular for many years, with his beautiful vlogs. He is the inspiration for today’s youth. He is more expensive than other photographers. He used to entertain us especially with his beautiful vlog which is related to different places in our country. We can spend our leisure time watching his vlogs. He has more than 455k subscribers on his youtube channel. We can learn many more things by watching his creative work.

Ming Sherpa :

Ming sherpa is a person who has more than 930k subscribers on his youtube channel. He became viral and gained popularity with his vines. He is young in age but he has challenged other YouTubers with his comedy videos and music videos. He has a versatile personality. He has also inspired youngsters with his work. He used to write and sing the song by himself, and also write the script for his videos. He is loved by everyone, and the one and only reason for the love is Entertainment. We can get entertainment from his music videos and vines.z

5. Almond Rana Upreti :

As we all recognize this popular songwriter, music composer, music arranger, and Singer of our country Nepal. He started his career in a youtube channel from his cover songs. His composition is loved by everyone. He has composed more songs in movies as well. He is a unique and versatile songwriter, music composer, music arranger, and singer. Because of his uniqueness, his compositions became viral on youtube channels. He has more than 390k subscribers on his youtube channel. We can enjoy our movement with his beautiful songs. His youtube channel contains beautiful songs.

Above mentioned YouTubers are the most viewed and top-listed Youtubers of Nepal. you can enjoy your precious time by visiting above mention youtube channel