Ten Best Dating sport in Kathmandu Valley

By Gopal

19 September 2021 15:37 PM | UPDATED 3 years ago

19 September 2021 15:37 PM

Love is a wonderful phenomenon and it is probably the best feeling in the world. The memories associated with love mostly relate to first dating experiences. In this blog, we shall take a look at the best dating spots in Kathmandu and help you create your own love story.

What is Love?

As we all know that love is a set of emotions. It is the connection and bonding between two people. To love someone or to get love from someone is the best feeling in the world. It feels like a blessing if you really fall in love with someone.

What is the exact meaning of Dating Sport??

As we all recognize that dating sport means the place where lovers meet each other to express their feelings to each other. In other words, dating sport is a place where couples can spend their precious time with their better half. Dating Sport should be special because these memories of the meeting are always special and remain closer to their heart.

Today, we are going to share some special and romantic dating sport for the couple in the Kathmandu valley:

Table of content:

  1. Garden of Dreams
  2. Nagarkot
  3. Whoopeland
  4. Taudaha
  5. Basantapur
  6. Jhor waterfall
  7. Godawari Botanical Garden
  8. Chandragiri hills
  9. Tribhuwan Park
  10. White Ghumba

1. Garden of Dreams:

This name is more popular all over the Kathmandu valley because this place is especially recognized as the dating sport for couples. It lies in Tridevi Sadak, Kathmandu. To enter this place you have to pay a certain charge. This place has a beautiful environment. You can spend your time there with your loved one.

2. Nagarkot:

Nagarkot is exactly located 32km east of Kathmandu, Nepal. This place is also famous for couples. You can go on a hike with your better half there. Also, you can spend your beautiful time by viewing the natural view from the height of Nagarkot Tower.

3. Whoopeland Amusement and Water Park:

Whoopeland is also known as a water park because you can see water everywhere there. This place is also famous for couples. You can enjoy your time there with your loved ones. It is located at the Chobhar, Kritipur. To get entry to this place you have to pay certain fees as per their rules.

4. Taudaha:

Taudaha is a small lake in Kathmandu City. It is located at the Kritipur municipality of Kathmandu. This name combination of the Newari word, Ta means Snake and Daha means Lake. This place is also famous for the couple. 

5. Basantapur:

Basantapur is known as the Kathmandu Durbar Square, where we can see the old Palace, Building, Temple. It is located in the heart of Kathmandu City. it reflects the historical and cultural significance for the Nepalese. This place is also the best option for couples. They can enjoy their time by visiting the Durbar.

6. Jhor Waterfall:

Nowadays this place has become commonplace to visit for couples. It is located on the northern hill of Kathmandu near Tokha. Especially peoples visit these place in the spring season because on that time the flow of water increase. It looks attractive to people. You can visit this place free. You can spend your time with your loved one.

7. Godawari Botanical Garden:

Godawari Botanical Garden is located in the Lalitpur District, Nepal. It has established in 1962AD. It was designed by two British designers. Nowadays it becomes a popular hiking destination in Nepal. It is also famous for Botanical Garden and Godawari Temple. This place is also the best sport for dating.

8. Chandragiri hills:

Chandragiri Hills lies on the southwest side of Kathmandu Valley and is seven kilometers from Thankot. You can see the scenic view of the Kathmandu Valley and Himalayan ranges from there. We can reach there by Cabel Car. This place is also the better option for dating for couples. 

9. Tribhuwan Park:

Tribhuwan Park is especially famous for Picnic Sport as well as for dating sport. It is located at the southwest corner of Kathmandu Valley which is situated at Thankot of Kathmandu. It is also called the oldest park of Kathmandu Valley. You can spend your time there with your better half. We can feel peace because this place is away from the crowd of the city.

10. White Ghumba:

This Place is located in the Nagarjun Municipality of Kathmandu District. It is around 3km from Shyambunath. White Ghumba is also known as Druk Amitabh Mountain, is a Buddhist Monastery. The area of this Ghumba is peaceful and covered by natural plants. You can refresh by the peaceful environment of Ghumba. You can see the mountain range from the height of Ghumba. This place is also the best dating sport for couples, you love to spend your time in a peaceful environment.


Above mentioned places may be the best options for couples for dating sport. You spend your precious time with your partner there.