Top 11 Best part-time jobs for students in Nepal

02 July 2022 16:55 PM | UPDATED 2 years ago

02 July 2022 16:55 PM

Well, a Part-time job is an amazing opportunity to earn extra pocket money for students in Nepal. You can manage your work (morning, day, or evening) based on college time.
In this blog, I will discuss available part-time jobs for students in Nepal.
So, if we ask you why we should do part-time jobs, you might say to reduce the ratio of financially dependent on parents, to be financially independent. But it’s not limited to this much. Part-time jobs have an advantage which makes you experienced; you will be more capable to compete in the market. Normally, courses are of two types in Nepal

1, Academic Courses

2, Professional Courses

If you are doing an MBBS or Engineering course, these are all professional courses. And if you are doing BBA, BBS, MA, or any faculty, you are affiliated with Academic Courses. So we would suggest that, if you are affiliated with your professional course, a part-time job hamper your further studies. It can also make an impact on your whole career. And, if you are affiliated with an academic course, like BBS, or BBA, you could manage your time without hampering your studies. You can do a part-time job maybe 2, 4 hours a day. You will be more capable or experienced. So, our suggestion is, if you are a student of an academic course, you can enroll in part-time jobs. So what are the part-time jobs for students in Nepal?
Here are the top 11 most attractive part-time jobs for college students in Nepal:

Tuition or online class

online class

You can run tuition classes for younger brothers and sisters or junior students. We have also seen that the institution teaches how to use mobile phones, how to call from messenger, and how to do video calls for grandparents. So you can run the classes to those who don’t know how to speak English, who are beginners in English. If you know any other language, you can teach. On the internet, there are lots of online tutorial platforms where you can connect with worldwide’s students and teachers. So, you can run tuition classes for them. It will be more effective for you. It will enhance your communication skill, and it will help your working experience too.


How to earn money from youtube

The next platform is Youtube. Some successful YouTubers are earning attractive money from Youtube. Why not, you can start your career as a YouTuber because youtube is the biggest platform to search any things. People usually search either on google or on youtube. Hence, you could find a good scope on youtube. As a YouTuber what content should you make it’s up to you? In youtube, similar videos are not necessary, people watch youtube to entertain or gain some knowledge or solve problems and also watch youtube to pass their time. Some come to learn music tutorials, academic tutorials, hear music, same come to watch movies. So the things which other people don’t know but you know you can create that type of content and put it on youtube. Even if you just make a video on how to boil water, there may be at least a thousand or more thousand views. Such as if some problem arises as problem arises with the heater, first of all, people search on youtube for how to repair the heater by themselves. So if you can explain properly and you have knowledge about this you can make a video on those topics. If you have skills of playing guitar or singing a song, or you are capable to run guitar classes, there are a lot of options for you as a YouTuber, you can allocate your time on youtube. But you have proper knowledge, and well-research about your content. You can vlog like; moto vlog, travel vlog, daily vlog, and many more.

Insurance Agent

Insurance Agent

As a part-time job, you can work as an insurance agent. You don’t have to give your 10 to 5 hours to the insurance office. You just have to convince power and have to use communication skills to convince your friends, relatives, or random persons as per their risk to do insurance. You can earn proper money. We can see that many students are earning more as an agent than those who work 10 to 5 hours jobs in an insurance company.

Share Market

Share Market

For students, another good source of earning is the share market. Talking about the share market, the share market is of two types; primary and secondary market. We called IPO a primary market and IPO is a risk-free investment you don’t need a large amount of money to apply IPO. It’s enough to invest Rs.1, 000 to Rs.2, 000 in IPO. Another one is a secondary market, we don’t suggest you make investments in a secondary market because it is a risk market and you have to do more analysis. But we can see that management and other fields students were doing good analysis on the secondary market and earning good money from secondary too. If you are a beginner in the share market, you can start to invest from IPO. For the secondary market, you have to knowledge and core study fundamentally and technically analysis of companies.

Blogging or content writing

content writing

Many students are involved in blogging and content writing.
What is content writing?              
Content writing is a type of professional marketing writing which is created or targeted for an online audience. Marketers and business owners publish content, or copy, online for a variety of reasons. They may seek to increase traffic to their website or inform their customers about new products or services.
For whom to do this work?
There are different websites companies available in the market that have their websites like; traveling and tour agencies, product and service companies, or any kind. They have their sites so from the company they need articles for their company for viewers, and promotion. So the students can create content writing and sell them. Content writing can help to support your finance. You can have some pocket money and it increases your writing skills. If you write by typing your typing skill will be good. Your grammar will be good and you will have to a good habit of doing research. The increasing habit of writing will help you in your professional life in the coming days.

Selling Product Online

Selling Product Online

Another best part-time job for students is selling items on market place online. We found that many students create good contact between wholesalers and customers. After doing a deal with a wholesaler, you can put a photo of the things on proper social platforms to sell those items. As a middleman, you can get a commission. But if you are selling the goods in market place, you must register your store not to create legal issues in the coming days. If you want to middleman between wholesaler and customer. There is no need to register a store. You can work through social media and phone calls.

Social Media Assistant

A social media assistant is a media marketing professional who helps monitor the social media presence of a company or client. In this job, you can work for a company or a marketing firm that serves many customers. Mainly the task of social media, the assistant is to reply on social media, it may be replying to messages, comments, or replying to their queries. You can work for a person or organization.


As hear the word photography, you may think you need an expensive DSLR camera. But it is wrong; you don’t need a good quality camera in the initial phase. You can capture the pictures from your cell phone too. But one thing you should know, in photography you have to be more creative, energetic, and passionate to do. We can find the students who are earned their money online by selling their photos on international selling platforms.


Another best part-time job is ride-sharing. Patho is a famous riding share service in Nepal, it is growing rapidly. Pathao is also a famous and trustworthy ride-sharing app. Ride-sharing is the best freelancing platform for many people to earn attractive money. If you have your bike, scooter, or car you can start Patho, tootle, and so on to earn money. But you need to own a driving license and citizenship. The top 5 popular ride-sharing apps available in Nepal:

Video editing

This is a digitalized era. We have to boost everything through social media or by digitalizing from images and videos. You can promote a product through digital media in the market. As well videos are one of the most tools effective tools for marketing. Those companies whose services need good videos. They have raw footage and they don’t have time and they have to hire an editor to edit their raw footage. So there is also a high demand for editors in the market. Editor work is to make a final good video from raw footage. If you don’t have video editing skills, don’t worry, you can easily learn to edit videos through YouTube or you can also take video editing classes from the institute and develop your video editing skills.

Real estate agent

Real estate agent

As hear the word real estate agent, you may think of an agent selling land and building. Many students are here who work as a middleman in selling land and building. Those students who work as agents have good communication skills among people. If you want to a real estate agent, you should have to be the aware capacity to know what other people think of you. You always completely ignore what other people respond to and what other people think about you. Only you need to focus on your work and responsibility.

Through part-time work, you will learn many skills, gain experience, and make money. Therefore, as a student, you can benefit a lot from part-time work in Nepal.