Top 5 Delicious dishes that you must try when you visit Kathmandu

By Sarika

18 April 2022 16:16 PM | UPDATED 2 years ago

18 April 2022 16:16 PM

If you are a food lover then this may be the perfect content for you to know the delicious dishes of the famous city Kathmandu. Kathmandu is a city where different types of people live. They explore their culture, tradition, religions, and great hospitality mainly through food. This attracts domestic as well as international tourist to the Kathmandu valley.

Well without delay I want to come up with the exact topic i.e. five delicious dishes that you must try while visiting Kathmandu valley. 

You can get opportunities to taste different dishes while visiting the streets of Kathmandu valley

Here I will discuss the top five delicious dishes that you must try when you visit Kathmandu valley.

Delicious Food

Table of content

  1. Dal Bhat
  2. Newari khaja set
  3. Yomari
  4. Laphing
  5. Juju Dhau
  6. conclusion

1. Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat represents the “National food” of country Nepal. People consume this food on regular basis. It looks simple but you can consume all the nutrients. Your body can consume all the nutrients from one thali. To make the Dal Bhat word interesting, Nepalese people say  Dal Bhat power 24 hours. It means Dhal Bhat contains full nutrients to make our body powerful and healthy. 

Inside Kathmandu valley, there are so many hotels and restaurants where you can taste the set of Dal Bhat. Your tummy will fill up with yummy food. It represents the pure Thakali Food of Nepal. So if you are planning to visit the Kathmandu Valley then you must try the National Food “Dhal Bhat”


2. Newari khaja set

Kathmandu is a city that is fully covered by the Newari community. There are so many foods that represent the Newari Culture.  Newari Khaja set is one of the famous food of the Newar Community. It is one of the famous food of Kathmandu Valley as well.  You can taste this yummy set in different restaurants inside the Kathmandu valley. You can get both vegs as well as non-veg khaja sets in the restaurant. 

Where you can get a chance to taste a pure Newari Khaja set. It is less costly than other food. So don’t miss the chance to taste this food while visiting Kathmandu valley.

Newari Khaja Set

3. Yomari

Yomari is also known as Yamari or Dhanya purnima. This food is also from the Newari community. It is a famous dish in Newari culture. The outer part of the Yomari is made from rice flour. And filled with sweet called chaku or khuwa inside. The way of cooking this dish is the same as a mo: mo. Especially it is cooked on the occasion of Yomari Purnima. But nowadays this dish is made whenever you want to eat. You can taste this dish, especially in the Newari restaurant inside Kathmandu. So guys don’t miss the chance to taste this delicacy of the Newari community. 


4. Laphing

Laphing is food which is full tastes like Tibetan food. If you like the taste of Tibetan food then you will love this food. It is made from the stiffening extracted from potato, mung bean, and Wheat flour. The stiffening is cooked overnight and left to settle after it will be filled with noodles, sauce, red chili paste, soy sauce, and garlic water. And rolled it and cut it into small pieces. 

Especially this food is famous in the Baudha area. This place lies inside the chabhil of Kathmandu Valley. People visit Baudha to taste the special laphing. This costs less than other food. So I suggest you to taste the special Tibetan food while visiting Kathmandu Valley. 


5. Juju Dhau

This is a special kind of yogurt that tastes delicious. It is the famous yogurt of Bhaktapur. Now the market of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur are covered by this specialty of dhau. The name Juju stands for “King Yogurt”. It is made from the milk of Buffalo. It is poured into the traditional clay pot. This pot is also known as “Mathako ko Kataura”. This kind of food represents the old tradition of Nepal. 

This is also the famous food of the Kathmandu valley. You must have tasted the Juju Dhau just to know the local taste of Dhai. You buy this delicious Dhai in dairy. It is also good for health as well. 

Juju Dhau

6. Conclusion

If you are planning to visit Kathmandu valley then don’t miss to taste the above-mentioned dishes. Your tummy will be filled with yummy food while visiting Kathmandu. 

Thank you for giving your valuable time by reading this blog. Hope you guys like it. 

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