Top Five Best Stock Market Apps in Nepal

Best Stock Market Apps in Nepal For Mobile users

By Gopal

19 November 2021 14:08 PM | UPDATED 2 years ago

19 November 2021 14:08 PM

What is the Stock Market

Nowadays the word stock market is the trending word for all. Everyone is talking about the stock market. A stock market means the place where shares of Public Listed companies are traded for buy and sell. It means the place where regular activities of buying, selling, and issuance of shares of the publicly listed companies. 

The stock market is the place where you can see the buyers and sellers buy or sell the stocks at a trading price. You can buy or sell the stocks which are listed on the Nepal Stock exchange(NEPSE). You can buy or sell the stock online. To enter into the Primary Market you need to create your own Demat Account. From the Primary Account, you can apply for an IPO. And to sell or buy the stocks you need to open your Secondary Market accounts from any broker. 

According to Nepalese Stock Market

 Nepal Stock Exchange(NEPSE) is the only stock exchange in Nepal. It is located in the Singha Durbar Plaza, Kathmandu. The main objective of NEPSE is to impact free marketability and liquidity to the government and corporate securities facilitating translation in its trading floor through member market intermediaries, such as brokers, market makers, etc. NEPSE opened its trading floor on13th January 1994. The current paid-up capital of NEPSE is 50,00,00,000.

What is the current situation of the Stock Market in Nepal:

In this current situation because of modern technology, people are involved in the share market to earn profit by investing money.  

Nowadays many people are involved in the stock market to invest and to get returns. However, some of them earn good returns from their investment whereas some of them get losses from there. So you have to make a proper plan and research for the investment in the share market. You may earn or you may get an empty hand from this. While investing in the share market you have to choose the right company. And you have to wait for some time for a good return. 

At present, people are investing their time and money in “The Stock Market” with the help of modern technology i.e mobile apps. With the help of mobile apps, they can analyze the market, buy or sell their stock, and so on.

Merits of using Mobile Apps for Stock Market

  • It helps traders to buy or sell their stock online.
  • Traders can analyze the share market from their mobile apps.
  • The mobile apps of stock are best to see the returns and losses of shares.
  • It is easy to use and gives full features of online trading of the stock market.

Table of content

  1. Nepali Paisa
  2. Nepal Shares
  3. Nepal Market Depth
  4. Mero lagani
  5. NEPSE

1. Nepali paisa

The Nepali Paisa app is an app that is easy to use. It gives details of Nepali Share Market News. You can buy or sell stocks through this app easily. It also gives the indicator, tools, report, and depth details of the share market. You can get all about it from this app easily. Because of the best features, the Nepali Paisa app is a trending mobile app. 

  The major features of this app are

  • Stock market news
  •  You can get an IPO calculator
  • You can get the information of all companies which are listed in the share market
  • Stock screener
  • Updates on announcements and stock events
  • NEPSE data
  • Customize your portfolio to keep your app updated with your stock position.
  • NEPSE data

2. Nepal Market Depth

This is a mobile app that shows the depth of the share market. It is more useful for investors to invest in Nepal Stock Market. You can see the live market depth of individual stock with the help of this app. You can make a  depth analysis of the particular stocks by seeing the live of buy and sell order of the Stocks through this app. This app is also freely available in Play Store. It provides notification of the updated news related to the Share market i.e deadline of bonus share, the right share of particular stocks, and so on.

The major features of this app are

  • It shows the live market depth of single stock
  • Helps in-depth analysis of the individual stock.
  • Stocks alter  
  • News related to the Share market

3. Nepal Share

Nepal Share app provides all the information regarding the Share Market of Nepal in detail. This app is easy to use. Through this app, users get the knowledge about Nepali Share Market i.e Share education, upcoming IPO, IPO results, Top gainers, Top Losers, Market depth, and the latest news and updates on the NEPSE. You can download this app free from the play store if you are an android user. 

The major features of this app are:

  • Portfolio tracker
  • Share Information, News
  • Stocks alter(IPO result, Upcoming IPO, and so on)
  • Day to day market information
  • NEPSE news 

4. Mero lagani

Mero Lagani is an app that is especially useful for capital market investors. This app provides all the details of the Stock Market on a daily basis. Through this app, you can do a data analysis about the Stocks. This has the facilities like a portfolio managing system where you can log in for data analysis, portfolio tracking, SMS alter, and so on. You can get this app free from the Play Store. 

The major features of this app are

  • Portfolio tracking 
  • Meta stock for technical analysis
  • Historical data
  • SMS alter
  • Data analysis
  • Stock market information

 5. NEPSE App

NEPSE app is an app that is officially opened by Nepal Stock Exchange. The main aim of launching this app is to provide the exact information of the share market to the investors. Through this app, you can get overall information related to NEPSE and SEBON. It provides the overall information regarding the market indices, turnover information, floor sheet, historical prices, and many more. You can download this app free from the play store.  

The measure features of this app are

  • It brings real-time exchange data right to your mobile.
  • Update stock exchange market on day to day basis.
  • It gives exact past data of all companies.
  • Annual reports of listed companies.

Thus, downloading the best app helps you for doing better in the Stock market. Above mentioned best apps have their distinct features and application purpose. However, installing one app on your smartphone helps you to get the right information, knowledge, and news related to the Stock Market. You can get it all one in one app.


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