Gosaikunda Trek | Gosaikunda Lake Short 5 – Days Trek

27 June 2022 14:48 PM | UPDATED 2 years ago

27 June 2022 14:48 PM

Gosaikunda is also known as Silu. It is an Alpine Freshwater Oligotrophic Lake in the Langtang region of Nepal and is located at an altitude of 13.8 hectares at an altitude of 4,380 meters in the Rasuwa District.

Gosaikunda’s 5-day trek is short and beautiful in the Langtang region of Nepal, north of the Kathmandu Valley. The Gosainkunda trek gives you a glimpse of the diverse landscape, culture, and nature as well as the panoramic view of the Langtang Himalayan range. Langtang National Park is home to many protected animals, including rhesus monkeys, snow leopards, wild boars, gray wolves, and most importantly, the Red Panda Conservation Area. Known as the Holy Lake, it is the easy and short 5-day trek in Nepal.

It is one of the holy places for both Hindus and Buddhists. During the Janai Purnima festival, a large number of pilgrims visit these holy lakes. In those days a shaman also performs various religious dances and worships. Our Gosaikunda trek is a short 5-day trek that covers all aspects of the trek and gives a taste of Nepal.

How many days is the trek to Gosaikunda?

The Gosaikunda trek is a popular five-day trek for both nature lovers and pilgrims. To reach Gosaikunda and back to Dhunche, you have to walk for a few days along a high trail.

Gosainkunda Lake’s myths

Himalayan Lake Gosaikunda is a sacred lake in the heart of Langtang National Park. The source of the Trisuli river, Trisuldhara, flows from here. It is located at an altitude of 4,380 m (14,370 ft). Below and above this lake are Suryakunda, Bhairav ​​Kunda, and many other lakes. All lakes have their religious significance. According to Hindu mythology, Gosaikunda is the abode of the Hindu god Shiva. The Hindu scriptures Bhagavata Purana and Vishnu Purana originated from the poison given to Samudra Manthan by the gods and the devil and that poison began to destroy everyone. Lord Shiva drank that poison, then burned his throat and started walking in the world looking for a cold place. After reaching Gosaikunda, Trishul struck the mountain, drank cold water, and slept in the lake. From here the big Trishuli river originates.

Short 5-Day Travel Plan

DaysTravel Plan
1From Kathmandu to Dunche (2030 m), drive 6-7 hours.
2Walk to Chandan Bari (3330 m), 5-6 hours on foot.
37 hours walk to Gosaikunda (4380m).
4Trek down Dhunche (2100 m),
5Go to Kathmandu.

7-Day Travel Plan

DaysTravel Plan
1Drive from Kathmandu to Dunche (2030 m). 6-7 hours’ drive.
2Trek to Thulo Sabru (2230 m). 4-5 hours journey.
3Trek to Sing Gompa (3330 m), 5-6 hours on foot.
4Hiking to Gosaikunda (4380m) 6-7 hours on foot.
5Walking to Surya Chuchuro and Cholangpati (3600 m), 6-7 hours on foot.
6Trek down Dhunche (2100 m).
7Drive to Kathmandu.

Above the mention, Travel plans are the aggregate estimation. This trek completion period depends on your trekking habits, physical condition, and health issues.

Gosainkunda Temple

Holy Lake there is a small 2-story Shiva temple on the banks of Gosaikunda Lake. Devotees come to worship Lord Shiva after bathing in the holy Gosaikunda Lake. The temple is 1 minute away from Gosaikunda Lake.

Accommodation Facility

The well-organized facilities along the Gosaikunda Trek trails and also have lodges along the trail there is also the availability of foods from the Western menu, so any variety of food can be found during this trek. The price of food changes substantially each year by the tea house lodge community.

Alternative Route

An alternative route starts from Sundari Jal to Gosaikunda or from Gosaikunda to Suryavinayak Pass of Sundari Jal, if you have more days Gosaikunda Lake trekking can also be done for 11 days Langtang Helambu Circuit, it is more scenic Helambu area trekking and crossing Shivpuri National Park.

Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

The Gosaikunda Trek is undoubtedly one of the most popular trekking routes in Nepal. However, a trek with proper physical condition requires 5-7 days. If you are unable to take this foot trek, you can also visit Gosaikunda by the use of a helicopter. Gosaikunda Helicopter tour is the fastest way to reach Gosaikunda in the safest way and most comfortable way. It takes 15-20 minutes to reach the holy lake. And a full trip takes about 2-3 hours of your time. During the flight, you can enjoy the fantastic view of the surrounding peaks complemented by the breathtaking scenery.

Best Season for Gosainkunda Trek

Gosaikunda trek can be done in all four different seasons: spring, autumn, summer, and winter.

Autumn(September, October, November)

Autumn is the most popular season for trekking in Nepal, including the Gosaikunda Trek.

During autumn, the average maximum. Gosaikunda has a temperature of 20 to 28 degrees Celsius. And the average min. The temperature is between 6-10 degrees Celsius.

The clear blue sky in this season also offers breathtaking views of the mountain peaks. Langtang Lirung, Ganesh, Himalchuli, and Dorje Lakpa are some of the famous places to visit.

You can enjoy clear views of the surrounding valleys, cliffs, and highlands. You can enjoy a spectacular display of wildflowers.

Spring(March, April, May)

Spring is the second favorite month for trekking in Nepal. For nature lovers, this could be the trekking season here or elsewhere in Nepal. In the spring you can enjoy the flowers of the local flora in Langtang National Park. You get views of the entire forest covered with pink, red, and yellow rhododendron flowers.

You can enjoy your walk along the park with the aroma of pine and maple. The wildlife of this region also comes alive after hibernation. If lucky, you can find the endangered Red Panda on the trek. The weather is also very stable in spring. You can enjoy hiking in cold, hot, and dry weather. Average Max. The temperature stays between 18-30 degrees Celsius. Average min. The temperature stays around 6-18 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is not too hot to walk in the area.

You can visit also any season;

Summer (June, July, August)

Winter (December, January, February)

Things to Remember for Gosainkunda Trek

  • Always stay hydrated. Don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids while enjoying the wonderful trek. This ensures safe and comfortable travel.
  • Slow and steady is the speed to try. Remember that you are on vacation and relax.
  • Altitude sickness can and does occur on this track. If you notice any symptoms, stop and fall to the last stop where you did not get sick.
  • Consult a doctor before taking this walk.
  • This way you are aware of any diseases or injuries that may or may not occur on the trek.
  • This season is possible all year round. However, winter and summer hiking is more challenging than spring and autumn hiking. Prepare accordingly.
  • Choose the season that suits you best. Don’t make choices based on popular blogs or recommendations.
  • The date of the festival (Janai Purnima) changes every year. So, if you plan to trek during the festival, ask ahead.

Essential Trekking Gears

The following are the essential trekking gears recommended for trekking in Nepal and all the listed gears can be easily bought in Kathmandu, there are many shops in Kathmandu selling essential clothes and gear for trekkers.

  • A few pairs of Thermal tops
  • Fleece jacket/pullover
  • Windcheater – waterproof shell jacket one pair
  • Down jacket -( It will be provided by the company if you do not have your own)
  • Comfortable Fleece/wool trousers
  • Trekking pants- at least 2 pairs
  • Mittens/woolen gloves
  • Warm Hiking socks
  • Trekking sue with spare laces
  • Pair of flip flop
  • Underwears & Swiming costume
  • Hiking Cotton trousers/t-shirts
  • Sun hat/scarf
  • Sunglasses
  • Sleeping bag -( It will be provided by the company if you do not have your own)
  • Trekking poles (Not 100%)
  • Day bag above 40 L
  • 1 set- Headlamp
  • Small lock for the day backpack
  • Reusable water bottles- 2 letters
  • Water purification tablets/ electric light
  • Wash towel
  • Toiletries (wet tissue, quick-drying towel, toilet paper, moisturizers, lip balms, sunscreens, sanitary pads, hand sanitizer, nail clipper, small mirror, toothpaste & brush, etc)
  • Rain poncho
  • Basic personal first aid kit

I completed this trek in 2021 during the autumn season. In my experience autumn season is the best season for the Gosainkunda trek coz’ the weather is neither too hot nor cold for the walk. It offers lots of scenes along the route and tons of experience for the trekker.