Top five Best Digital Wallet Apps In Nepal 2022

By Sarika

29 April 2022 15:12 PM | UPDATED 2 years ago

29 April 2022 15:12 PM

An E-wallet or digital wallet is a type of electronic device or software through which users can transfer the payment online. Users should connect the digital wallet app with their bank accounts.  

With the change in banking services and technology, digital wallet apps are creating an extraordinary market in Nepal. The aim of launching digital wallet apps is to make the payment system more easy and fast. Also, it provides security to the users by giving passwords for the transaction. 

According to the banking history of Nepal, in 2002 Kumari Bank introduced an internet banking system for the first time in Nepal. After that, the trend of digital wallet apps starts in Nepal. 

Digital Wallet Apps

Benefits of Digital Wallet Apps 

  • Easy to use
  • Fast payment and received
  • Provides security   
  • Reduce the use of Cash
  • Easy to transfer fund

Table of contents

  1. Esewa
  2. Khalti
  3. Fonepay
  4. Prabhu Pay
  5. IME Pay
  6. Conclusion

1. eSewa

eSewa was established and licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank in 2009 as an online payment service provider. Asgar Ali is the owner of Esewa. The main aim of this digital wallet is to make the payment system cashless. 

It is a mobile wallet app that provides the services and facilities like online and offline payments to traders, transferring funds, paying the bill of electricity, phone, internet, college fees, and many more.  

It has an exciting offers for users like cashback, discounts, and many more. 

eSewa is one the most popular digital app which has created the next level of the image in the mind of the Nepalese people. Recently this app has launched an online shopping store called eSewa pasal. Where you can buy different items online at a reasonable price. 


2. Khalti

Khalti is also one of the best digital wallet apps in Nepal. It was introduced for the first time in Nepal in January 2017 as an online payment service provider. This app is licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank in 2017. Amit Agrawal is the owner of this app. This app provides similar services same like eSewa. 

Khalti provides services like,

  • It provides full security to the users. 
  • It never reveals the information of the customers without the customer’s permission.
  • It provides online payment services like fund transfer, paying the bill, and many more

3. Fonepay

Fonepay is a digital payment app that is merely similar to esewa. And the owner of this app is also the same Mr. Asgar Ali. It is Nepal’s first mobile payment network which is licensed by the Central Bank of Nepal i.e. Nepal Rastra Bank. It was introduced in Nepal in 2004 as an online as well as an offline payment service provider. 

To use the services of fonepay, first, you have to connect this app with your bank account. It  provides services like 

  • QR payment
  • Hub Payment
  • Many more

4. Prabhu Pay

The Prabhu Pay company was established on 26th May 2014. It was launched by the Prabhu group. This app is less popular than esewa, Fonepay, and khalti. 

It provides payment services like

  • Online funds transfer
  • Paying the bill for the movies ticket, bus/plane ticket
  • And many more online payment services
Prabhu Pay

5. IME Pay

What comes first in your mind when you see the name IME.? 

Maybe, we make the image of the ad for IME Remittance which was played by Deepa Shree Niraula and Deepak Raj Giri. Because we have been growing up by seeing this ad. 

IME Pay app is popular by its name. Because it was established by the IME Group in 2001 in Nepal. It has more limited services than other digital wallet apps. 

The main aim of this app is to bring remittance into the digital stream. This app allows the users to receive remittance money through this app.  


6. Conclusion 

These are the best mobile wallet apps in Nepal which are providing online payment services. I hope this information will be helpful for you to choose the best mobile digital app. 

Thank you!

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