Ten Best Nepali Mobile Apps in 2022

By Sarika

26 April 2022 15:04 PM | UPDATED 2 years ago

26 April 2022 15:04 PM

Especially, the main aim of creating the applications also called “apps” for mobile is to make some work easier. But all apps are not fruitful for us. We have to select the best app to make our time fruitful. Best apps help users to make their daily life fast. 

Nowadays Nepali People are more attracted to Nepali apps like eSewa/Khalti, Foodmandu, E-Banking apps, and many more. These apps are doing extraordinary work to make the users work easy and fast. We can see lots of apps in the play store, but we select and use the best apps from that. 

Nepali apps are creating a good market in developing countries like Nepal. People are using the Nepali apps specially to make there day to day life easier. And apps companies are upgrading with the time and demands of the public. 

For the good development of the IT sector of Nepal. The government of Nepal has also given support to the IT sector for the better development of technology in the country. They are encouraging the youth in the invention of new applications and software. And also investing in that for the encouragement.  


Here we have shared some best Nepali apps in 2022

Table of Content

  1. eSewa/Khalti
  2. Pathao
  3. Hamro Patro
  4. E-Banking app
  5. Hamro Keyboard
  6. Tootle Partner
  7. Foodmandu
  8. Daraz
  9. Nepali Dictionary
  10. Nepali Paisa
  11. Conclusion

1. eSewa/Khalti

eSewa/Khalti was established and licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank as an online payment service provider. Asgar Ali is the owner of eSewa. The main aim of this digital wallet is to make the payment system cashless. 

It is a mobile wallet app that provides services and facilities like 

  • online and offline payment to traders,
  •  transferring funds,
  •  paying the bill of electricity, phone, internet, college fees, and many more.  
  • It has an exciting offers for users like cashback, discounts, and many more. 

eSewa is one the most popular digital app which has created the next level of the image in the mind of the Nepalese people. Recently this app has launched an online shopping store called eSewa pasal. Where you can buy different items online at a reasonable price. 


2. Pathao

Asheem Man Singh Basnyat is the regional director of this app. According to Basnyat, the initiation of this app was comes from Bangladesh. His main aim for launching this app is to provide online transportation services to the customer.  

The main services of this app are

  • Ride-sharing services( Bike and Taxi)

3. Hamro Patro

Hamro Patro is a Nepali and English calendar. It was launched in 2010. Now, this app is downloaded by more than ten million people. It provides additional features like

  • Day to day news
  • Horoscope
  • Foreign exchange rate
  • Rate of Gold and Silver
  • Podcasts
  • Nepali FM Radio station
Hamro Patro

4. E-Banking app

E-Banking app is related to online banking services app. It provides services like online fund transfer, an online payment service, and many more. Every bank has its E-banking app. According to the banking history of Nepal, in 2002 Kumari Bank introduced an internet banking system in Nepal. After that, the trend of E-Banking apps starts in Nepal. 

E-Banking provides huge services like

  • Online Fund Transfer
  • Online Payment for tickets
  • Online payment system
  • And many more

5. Hamro Keyboard

This app is specially launched to provide the facility of a Nepali language keyboard to the people. You can get both Nepali and English keyboards in one. This app has also added emojis. 

Hamro Patro provides services like

  • Nepali Keyboard
  • English Keyboard
  • Emoji

6. Tootle Partner 

Tootle works the same as Pathao. It provides transportation services to the public through the help of an app. But not more popular than Pathao. Its services are

  • You can book a taxi, bike through this app
  • It provides services at a low cost
Tootle Partner 

7. Foodmandu

The name Foodmandu is enough to describe the exact meaning and works of this app. The main aim of launching this app is to provide a fast-food delivery facility to the customer. 

The main works of this app are

  • Accept online food order
  • Deliver foods
  • Fast delivery services
  • Save the time of the customer

8. Daraz

More than four million people are using this app. Daraz is a company that is established to provide online market services to both sellers and buyers. 

Inside this app, you can get more than 40 million products in 257 categories. It offers discounts, gift hampers to the customer. This app gives an online platform for businessman to sell their products online. 

It provides easy and fast online shopping and delivery facility to the customers. 


  • Online shopping 
  • Fast delivery of goods
  • Buy and sell goods
  • And many more

9. Nepali Dictionary

Nepali Dictionary is an app that provides the facility of translating the meaning in Nepali. It helps to search for the meaning of any English words both online and offline. Most Nepalis people have been downloading this app to search the Nepali meaning of English words. 

Its features are

  • Translate the English word to Nepali
  • Online and offline services
  • Provides exact meaning of the English words
Nepali Dictionary

10. Nepali Paisa

Nepali paisa app is an app that is easy to use. It gives details of Nepali Share Market News. You can buy or sell stocks through this app easily. It also gives the indicator, tools, report, and depth details of the share market. You can get all about it from this app easily. Because of the best features, the Nepali Paisa app is a trending mobile app in Nepal. 

             The major features of this app are:

  • Stock market news
  •  IPO calculator
  • You can get the information of all companies which are listed in the share market
  • Stock screener
  • Updates on announcements and stock events
  • NEPSE data
  • Customize your portfolio to keep your app updated with your stock position.
  • NEPSE data
Nepali Paisa

11. Conclusion

At last, we can conclude that the above-mentioned apps are the best trending apps in Nepal. So this information may be helpful to choose the best app for your mobile phone. 

Thank You.

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