Simple tips to manage your anger :

Tips to manage anger

By Sarika

24 August 2021 15:12 PM | UPDATED 3 years ago

24 August 2021 15:12 PM

Simple Tips To Manage Your Anger :

 Tips to manage our anger:

 The following tips may be the better solution for your problem :

Anger means a strong feeling of annoyance and displeasure due to something unfair. Anger, this word is familiar to every one’s behavior. There is some difference and that is less or more. Some of us have less and some of us have more. If we react rudely then it is called anger. Anger can spoil the existence of human beings, that’s why we have to manage our anger.  Anger is the measure problem for today’s people, they try to control but unfortunately they react rudely. These are the measure causes for anger: stress, lifestyle, depression, anxiety. 

Here we have shared some Solutions/tips which can work to keep your anger under control  :

  1. Meditation :

Meditation is the first and best solution for this problem. If we make meditation our basic need we can get rid of this problem. Nowadays people are doing meditation to improve their mental health as well. Thus meditation may be the better option for this problem.

  1. Exercise :

Exercise is also the better solution to reduce anger. If we start our day by doing exercise, it makes your day more beautiful and fresh and you will be cool as well. As we all know that daily exercise is good for maintaining good health. If we become healthy mentally as well as physically, the problem of anger will be reduced.

  1. Start your morning by reading spiritual books :

Reading something means getting something new. If we start our morning by reading a book which may create positive vibes in us. The book may be spiritual which can create spiritual vibes inside you. Reading positive books may also help to control your stress. If you become free, books may be the better option to reduce your problem of anger.

  1. Take a Deep Breath and start chanting OM  :

             If you feel bad or angry then take a deep breath and start to chant the name OM which gives you positive energy and automatically it will help to reduce your anger. According to Vastu shastra, the word Om is the most powerful which is related to the god Shiva. We can get some positive power from this word. So this process may be the better remedy to keep your anger under control.

  1. Be far from those people who create negative vibes inside you :

Anger may arise due to the negative people with whom you used to talk or do something. Therefore if you want to get positive energy then you have to make a distance from those people who create negative vibes/ energy inside you. Anger may be the problem but the cause may be the relationship with negative people. This may be the better solution for the reduction of anger.

  1. Go for Walk :

If you feel bad for anything or with anybody then go for a walk. It will refresh your mind and help to reduce anger. Walking alone may be the solution for the anger.

  1. Spend some time with good people :

Spending some time with good people may be the best way to reduce the problem of anger. If we spend some time with some people i.e with friends, kids and with your nearer one, you will feel better. you will stop thinking bad and you can get rid of anger. This may be the better option for you to manage your anger.

  1. You have to stop overthinking :

Overthinking is the main reason for depression, anxiety, and other mental diseases and these are the reasons for anger as well. Therefore you have to stop yourself from overthinking. you have to convince yourself by saying overthinking is no

the solution for my problem. If you stop over-thinking then you can control your anger.

  1. Stop Reacting Without knowing the fact  :

Reacting Without knowing may be the major cause for anger. If we react for no reason then the problem will arise and this may result in bad for you. So to reduce or get rid of the problem of anger you have to stop reacting without knowing the fact.

  1. Think  Before You Speak :

             If we speak in anger without thinking, something bad will come out of our mouths, which may be dangerous and harmful for us. so you have to think many times before you speak. To manage anger, thinking more before you speak is also a better tip.

It looks impossible after seeing the above tips but these above tips might be the best tips which work to reduce/ manage your anger if you follow regularly.