Top Five Best Selling Electric Scooters in Nepal 2022

By Sarika

29 April 2022 15:55 PM | UPDATED 2 years ago

29 April 2022 15:55 PM

Are you guys thinking of buying the best electric scooter?

 Then you are in the right direction. Here we are going to share the top five best-selling electric scooters in Nepal. 

The electric scooter is a motorized bicycle that is charged and powered by electricity. In other words, it offers the same mile with full power as a petrol-based scooter. It has two wheels and a self-balancing scooter which saves the cost of petrol. It looks the same as a petrol-based scooter. But powered by electricity. It is easy and more comfortable to ride. That’s why the demand for electric scooters is high in the market. And the simple reason for this craze is to save the cost of fuel. 

According to the electric scooter users, They said that 

  • Fully satisfied with their scooter. 
  • It is powerful as a petrol-based scooter. 
  • Also good for the long run. 
  • You can ride this scooter offroad.

Nowadays scooters have become a means of daily transportation for both men and women in Nepal. To make their life easier. It is more comfortable for daily use. But it is not safer than cars and buses. It costs less than cars.

It is more affordable to buy than a car. 

With the latest tax discount policy on electronic vehicles by the Nepalese government to motivate the public toward electric vehicles. More people are attracted to electric vehicles. And they are buying an electric scooter to save tax. 

Electric Scooter

Today in this content we are discussing the top five best-selling electric Scooters in Nepal

Table of Content

  1. About Electric Scooter
  2. Advantages of Electric Scooter
  3. NIU N-GT
  4. Super Soco CUx
  5. TailG Tiger
  6. Super Soco CPx Mini
  7. EPluto 7G
  8. Price of Scooters
  9. Conclusion

Advantages of Electric Scooter

  • Save the environment from pollution
  • Save the cost of petrol
  • Save the cost of servicing 
  • Less tax
  • Proper utilization of electricity
  • Reduce the use of fuel


It offers the best experience of a ride to the NIU N-GT rider. NIU is one of the best electric scooters in Nepal. This company has created the best market in Nepal. It is updated with a more Race Theme approach. 

This scooter has a tailored motor by Bosch GmbH, FOC Vector Control, and Panasonic Battery Unit. Likewise, LED Headlight, LED Turning Light, LED Taillight, LED Rear Light, LCD Dashboard, Central Control Unit, USB Charging Port, and Dual-Piston Hydraulic Disc Brake. Also, it is powered by a dual 60V 35Ah battery. It gives a 100km+ range with a 3.5hours charge.


2. Super Soco CUx

Super Soco CUx is a new brand that was launched recently. It is launched to increase the use of the electric scooter. The overall structure of this scooter looks great. It is made with quality (tires, suspension, pegs, and grips). The battery range of this scooter is 99 Miles with a 5 hours charge. The battery of this scooter contains a battery management system(BMS) which protects the battery life for a long time. And it takes 5 hours for the full charge.  

Super Soco CUx

3. TailG Tiger

YO MAMA E.Motors Pvt.Ltd authorized distributor sells this e-scooter in Nepal. It is more stylish in looks. It has great features like LED Projectors Light, Keyless Start, Tubeless Tires, 6-Inch LCD Display, Anti Theft Alarm, Sensors technology, Dual Disc Brakes, ARS System, and many more. The battery range of this scooter is 60V32h. It gives an 85 Km+ rage with a 6-8 hours charge. Also, it has regenerative braking power. 

TailG Tiger

4. EPluto 7G

This scooter is placed under one of the best scooters in the Nepalese market. The main aim of launching this scooter is to provide the best and most comfortable ride to the customers. It is designed with multi-speed features. EPluto is designed with the best features like a digital speed meter, Front Disc Brake, and many more. It has 2200W motor power. It gives 90-120Km with 4 hours of full charge. You can easily buy this scooter in the Nepali market at the best price. 

EPluto 7G

5. Super Soco CPx 

This Super Soco CPx Mini is a Chinese electric scooter brand. It is launched to supply the electric scooter at an affordable price. D-Lifestyle is the authorized distributor of this scooter in Nepal. This scooter is an environmentally friendly EV scooter.  According to the current market rate the price of Super Soco CPx is more expensive than other EV scooters. It has great features like 

  • It has one push reverse button
  • Remote Key
  • Dual Dis Brake
  • 3 level Riding Modes
  • USB charging ports

 Super Soco CPx has 4000W motor power with 60V45AH battery power. It takes 3.5 hours for a full charge. And it gives 100Km(200Km in double) range on a full charge. The top speed of this scooter is 95Kmph. You can get this scooter in these colors i.e. Grey, Silver, Black. 

Super Soco CPx 

7. Price of Scooters

Here we have listed the price of the above-mentioned electric scooters below

1.NIU N-GT Rs. 4,45,000/-
2.          TailG TigerRs. 1,83,000/-
3.Super Soco CUxRs. 2,59,000/-
4.EPluto 7GRs. 2,49,000/-
Super Soco CPx
Rs 5,89,000/-
  1. Conclusion

At last, we can conclude that using an electric scooter means saving the environment and saving the cost of fuel. Let’s increase the use of electric scooters to reduce the number of petrol bikes and scooters. So, the above-mentioned information may be useful for you to choose the best electric scooter for a comfortable ride. 

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