Best 10 Diets for a Healthy Heart

By Sarika

21 April 2022 15:41 PM | UPDATED 2 years ago

21 April 2022 15:41 PM

The main work of the heart in our body is to pump to circulate the blood throughout the whole body. This blood pass with oxygen and nutrients to all part of your body. And through the unwanted carbon dioxide and waste.  It controls the rhythm and speed of the heart and maintains blood pressure. They are placed in the middle of the chest. It is necessary to keep our hearts healthy. Because it passes the blood into our whole body. 

Table of content

  1. Definition of Heart
  2. Importance of Heart
  3. Sign of Heartattack
  4. Diet to keep our Hearts healthy
  • Leafy Green Vegetable
  • Beans
  • Avocado
  • Walnuts
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Red Grapes
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Fish

A. About Heart

The heart is a fist-sized organ. That pumps and circulates the blood throughout the whole body. It circulates the blood with oxygen and nutrients to the whole body. It removes waste and controls blood pressure. The size of each heart is between 200- and 425 grams and is a little large.  It has four chambers. They are two upper chambers known as the right and left atria. And two lower chambers called right and left ventricles. 

According to the research till the end of life, a person’s heart may have beat (expanded and Contracted) more than 3.5 billion times. 

Due to the unhealthy lifestyle of people, heart disease has become increasing. People are consuming toxic foods which are also the major cause of this disease. So you have to think before following unhealthy food. 

B. Importance of Heart in our body:

  1. Circulate the blood throughout the body. 
  2. The heart removes the wastes and unwanted carbon dioxide from your body.
  3. The heart is the fundamental player in the regulation of your blood pressure, and the makeup of the blood.

C. Signs of Heartattack

  • Chest Pain
  • Weakness
  • Nausea
  • Discomfort in the Jaw, Neck, or Backside
  • Shortness of breath
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cold Sweats
  • Sudden Dizziness

These are the sign and symptoms that come into your body. So if you get this kind of sign in your body then quickly go for a checkup. But sometimes Hearattack causes no signs. You have to check through ECG, and lab Tests only.

D. Foods to keep our Heartattack

The above-mentioned foods are the best food to keep your kidneys healthy

1. Leafy Green Vegetable

Leafy Green Vegetable contains vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It is perfect to keep your body healthy. Also, it has been recognized to reduce LDL cholesterol, prevent constipation, and defend against heart disease. So Green leaf vegetables are the best to save the heart from disease. 

Leafy Green Vegetable

2. Beans

This is one of the best food which contains all nutrients i.e high fiber, protein, free of cholesterol, and. And excessive vitamins, control cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Consuming beans on regular basis is good for heart patients. 


3. Avocado

Avocados contain more amount of fiber and unsaturated fat which is good for the heart. According to doctors and researchers, avocado is best for cardiovascular health. So consuming this fruit regularly is best for the heart. 


4. Walnuts

If you are consuming Walnuts regularly then your body is getting all in one. It reduces the level of cholesterol and maintains the high blood pressure in our bodies. Walnuts contain Omega-3 fatty acid which is good for the heart. This is the perfect diet to keep your heart healthy. 


5. Raspberries

Adding Raspberries regularly to your diet is perfect for your heart health. It reduces the risk of heart diseases. Also, help to decrease the level of Cholesterol and maintain the blood pressure of our body.  So consuming Raspberries is best for heart patients. 


6. Blueberries

Blueberries are safe to eat for all. Because it is full of nutrients and really good for the health also. This is heart-friendly food. You can consume this as regularly as your diet. They are lower in potassium. And also contain a high level of fiber, vitamin C which is good for our body. 


7. Strawberries

Strawberries contain fiber with low potassium. Consuming food like this is good for heart health. They are good for improving heart functioning. So having strawberries as a regular diet is perfect for heart patients. It’s good for our body. They are a good antioxidant, which helps in protecting the body from oxidative damage.


8. Red Grapes

        This is the best fruit that has calories with numerous health benefits. This is also the perfect fruit for heart health. It is an antioxidant that contains less potassium which is good for a healthy heart. So I suggest you make this fruit your regular diet to save yourself from a heart attack. 

Red Grapes

  9. Dark Chocolate

        Dark Chocolate contains zero levels of sugar and low fat which is good for health. It has anti-oxidant power to fight with diseases. This is perfect to consume if you are a heart patient. Because it reduces the level of cholesterol and blood pressure in our body. 

10. Fatty fish

According to the dietician, Fatty Fish are naturally healthy to consume. Doctors said that omega-3 fats may reduce fat levels in the blood and also slightly lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is a risk for heart diseases, so consuming lower fat food is good for a Healthy Heart. 

D. Conclusion

 At last, we can conclude that having a perfect diet regularly helps to save you from heart disease. So start to consume the above-mentioned food to make your heart healthy. The above-mentioned information may be helpful for all heart patients as well as for healthy people. 

Thank you for reading this blog.

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